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“We review to see if there are any patterns consistent with abuse of medication and addiction,” he said. “Many patients may be embarrassed to start a conversation about addiction, and this is one way to start a conversation.” Patients with stressful life issues can have more difficulty dealing with addiction and with coping with the changes needed to taper off opioids, Ladner said. Their perception of pain can be affected by their psychological state of mind and problems such as depression and anxiety, he said. “We can treat the depression and anxiety, and this may improve the patient’s ability to cope with pain,” he said. Some anti-depressant medications can help alleviate pain, he said. “If someone has depression and pain, then we might choose a medication like duloxetine that can treat both depression and pain, “Ladner said. Bacon wants to educate physicians who are discharging surgery patients from the hospital on the appropriate amount, strength and duration of opioids that they’ll need at home. The goal is to manage their pain so that post-surgery complications can be minimized, and so that their pain doesn’t spiral out of control, possibly leading to re-hospitalization. “Seven percent of surgical patients who have never been on a narcotic before then will be on it 12 months after surgery,” Bacon said. “That’s a staggering number. And, the opioid-tolerant patient coming in for surgery is one of the hardest to deal with.” Physicians need to do a better job of explaining to some patients that they might never be totally pain free, but that a ready bottle of opioids will do them no favors in the long run, Oswalt said.

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